Warrior Challenge

 2018 Warrior Challenge Student Fundraiser – October 16 

ONLINE DONATIONS SUBMITTED AT: warriorchallenge2018.blogspot.com

Donations due by Wednesday, Oct 31 to count toward student prizes  (Donations accepted at any time, just deadline needed toward student prizes)

What is the Warrior Challenge? This event is called the Warrior Challenge since the school tribes are named after King David’s three Mightiest Warriors: Eleazar, Josheb, and Shammah. Warriors obviously need to be physically fit and work well with a team to defeat their enemies. So we are challenging each student to reach an individual fitness goal for which he will seek donations and to encourage his tribemates to do their best to win the title of the MIGHTIEST TRIBE! The Warrior Challenge will be 1:00 to 3:00 on Tuesday, October 16 at Laurel Hills Park.

What fitness activity will each student do? Each student is challenged to do 2 fitness activities to prove his worth as a warrior:

  • Run a half mile Spartan race (obstacle race) as fast as he can 
  • Flip a HUGE tire as many times as he can in a 2 minute time limit. We are also going to have a second round of tire flipping of the 3 top finishers in each of 3 student weight classes to flip as much as possible in 3 minutes to determine our overall tire flipping champions! 
How will a student raise money from these activities? We have provided a sample script below to help you ask for donations. Similar to a walkathon, students raise money by asking for donations for how many tire flips he can do or to run the Spartan race is less than a certain time limit. For example, a student could plan to do 10 tire flips and ask for donations of $2 per flip. Or tell the donor all that he will be challenged to do and ask for a flat donation of any amount.

How much funds should each student raise and what will it be used for? We have an overall goal of raising $20,000. We have also been seeking business sponsors to pay for the expenses of this event. The funds that are raised will help pay for:

  • ACADEMIC EXPENSES (AP physics lab materials to start our new course in the spring in AP physics; science lab equipment such as microscopes, Graff generator, dissection specimens; library books and reading materials for enhanced middle school reading program; teacher classroom supplies; PE equipment such as pull-up bar set, weight racks)
  • EXTRACURRICULAR EXPENSES (field rental fees for practice fields for soccer and basketball, team uniforms, athletic association fees; debate team materials; strategy club materials) 
  • TRAINING IN BIBLICAL MANHOOD (challenge coins, bible study materials for student-led weekly chapel services, field trips). 
How will we collect donations and are these donations tax deductible? Donors can pay by cash, credit card, or check (written to Iron Academy with Warrior Challenge in the memo line). We have set up a WEBSITE FOR ONLINE DONATIONS. Please do email the link to this website and post it on social media. The website link is: warriorchallenge2018.blogspot.com and donations can be made through PayPal. Iron Academy is recognized as a 501c3 organization by the IRS (employer ID number 45-3816000) and any donation to Iron Academy through this student fundraising event can be tax deductible depending on the donor’s individual circumstances.

When are donations due? We will accept donations at any time. However, to count the donation toward student and tribe prizes, it must be turned in at school or online by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31, about two weeks after our Warrior Challenge Event Day on October 16.


What are the individual student and tribe prizes? We have awesome prizes! We are still collecting prizes and may be even more generous as we get more agreements from local businesses to donate prizes.

  • Every student will receive a FREE Warrior Challenge spiritwear t-shirt that can be worn for PE and on spiritwear Fridays. Thank you for the generosity of our sponsors for providing these shirts! 
INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PRIZES for service to Iron Academy (Funds raised for sponsorships by the student or his family may count in the student’s tally.)

We were able to gather some AWESOME PRIZES that include:

o 2 VIP passes to Xtreme Park Adventures ($50 value)

o 14 ride passes to Rush Hour Karting ($20 value)

o 10 passes for free games at Buffaloe Lane bowling

o 4 passes with Triangle Rock Club

o 4 VIP passes to Defy Gravity Raleigh

o 4 VIP passes at Launching Pad 

 6 passes to the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Koka Booth Ampitheater

o 15 passes for 30 minutes jump time at Sky Zone

o 20 passes free admission to United Skates

o 4 mini golf passes with Adventure Landing

o 15 free breakfast coupons with Chick Fil A

o 15 free combo meal coupons with PDQ and 5 cards for free tenders with purchase

We will allow students to choose the prizes they want in the following order:

  • The student who raises the most money will be able to select any SIX adventure/entertainment passes and 2 restaurant passes. 
  • The student who raises the second most amount of money will be able to select any FOUR adventure/entertainment passes and 2 restaurant passes. 
  • The student who raises the third most amount of money will be able to select any TWO adventure/entertainment passes and 2 restaurant passes. 
  • The student who has the most individual donors will be able to select any TWO adventure/entertainment passes and 2 restaurant passes. This student doesn’t have to raise the most money, but simply have the most individuals who submit donations to him. These donations can be of any dollar amount. Students must keep accurate records of who donated on their behalf. 

We will recognize the STRONGEST students in each “weight class” of less than 115 pounds, 116-144 pounds, and 145 or more pounds. We will have 6 prizes in this category in the order of most tire flips and then fastest runner by weight class, with the higher weight classes choosing first. These students may choose ONE adventure/entertainment pass or one restaurant pass.


After the four students listed above for fundraising and the six students listed above for strength prizes have made their selection, the student who raised the 4th , 5th, 6th, etc most amount of money will be able to choose ONE adventure/entertainment or restaurant prize until all of the prizes are taken.


We will recognize ONE of our tribes with the Mightiest Tribe award and this tribe will receive an additional t-shirt that recognizes them for the 2018 tribe winner of the Warrior Challenge! We will also have a public recognition of that tribe in the school hallway for being the 2018 winner.

To win this award, the tribes will be ranked first, second, and third place in these activities:

  • Percent of their tribe members who are on the A or A/B honor roll for the first quarter 
  • Average amount of dollars raised per tribe member (among all tribe members) 
  • Percent of tribe members who raise funds 
  • Chore points tally at the end of the first quarter 
  • Average number of tire flips per tribe member (students with a physical limitation or are absent do not count in this average) 
  • Average amount of time to run the Spartan race (students with a physical limitation or are absent do not count in this average) 
The tribe with the lowest total point value of these 6 activities (more #1 rankings) will win. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the percent of tribe members who raise funds and then the average amount raised per tribe member.

Sample script to ask for donations:

Dear ___________(donor name),

I am participating in the Iron Academy Warrior Challenge on October 16 to earn money for my school. We have a goal of raising at least $20,000 and we need your help! The funds will be used for academic and extracurricular enhancements and for our training in biblical manhood. Most schools have their students walk around a track to raise money – but not at our school! We all have been training to improve our physical fitness and I have accepted a challenge to show that I am the strongest student by how many times I can flip a 300 pound tire and how fast I can run a half mile Spartan race!

If you would like to help my school, you can donate a flat dollar amount or a $____ for each tire flip or for how fast I run the race. You can write a check to Iron Academy, pay with cash, or we have a way to pay online with a credit card at warriorchallenge2018.blogspot.com. Your donation can be tax deductible. Thank you!

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