Parent volunteer opportunities for the IPF 2017-2018:

Prayer Team Administration:  Need 1 to 3 volunteers to work with Cyndi Ross to contact families about prayer requests, compile the weekly list of requests for distribution to the prayer team, and follow up with written notes each week to let the three young men know they have been prayed over.  This volunteer opportunity can even be done if you have a heart for prayer but can’t make it to the meetings.  Time commitment: 1 hour per week or less if volunteers rotate or divide duties
Teacher Appreciation Committee:  Need 3 to 5 volunteers to plan and execute teacher Christmas lunch in December and teacher appreciation week in May. Collect money from parents to present to teachers/staff with Visa gift cards in December and May. Time commitment:  about 3 hours in December and in May.

School Beautification and Safety Committee:  Need 3 to 5 volunteers to work with school to evaluate and execute needs to assist to make campus a beautiful, safe and welcoming place to be.  This includes activities such as:  updating and adding pictures to hallway, maintaining and updating bulletin boards in hallway, planning Work Days for parents and students to help with larger school project and more. Time commitment:  Work is occasional as needed.

Warrior Challenge Volunteers:  We will need about 20 volunteers on the day of the event, Tuesday, October 17 from 12:00 to 3:00 to count how many reps each student does of his activities and cheer our young men on!  Please consider asking off work for that afternoon to come to help.  Time commitment:  3 hours on the day of the event

Fundraising Volunteers:  Need 4 to 7 volunteers who can ask businesses to donate merchandise for us to give as prizes and to auction or raffle off.  For WARRIOR CHALLENGE, need businesses who can offer us free merchandise or coupons to give as prizes to our students.  For our late spring event, ARTS OF THE SWORDSMEN, need businesses to donate items we could auction off and find other ways to raise money through this event, such as raffles.  Time commitment:  Several hours to contact businesses and receive items in late Sept/early Oct for WC and in March and April for AOTS.

Used Clothing Coordinators:  Need 1 or 2 volunteers who can receive used clothing, “bag and tag it” to get it ready to sell, and post it to our SignUpGenius account.  Maintain inventory of used clothing and spiritwear.  Most work can be done at home but come to the school on occasion to add clothing or distribute clothing that has sold.  Time commitment: 2 hours per month as needed.

Student Social Activities/Party Committee:  Need 4 to 7 volunteers who can organize and execute various student activities and parties throughout the school year, such as: tribe day games during lunch, end of semester party in Dec., end of year picnic and field day in May.  Also to organize various social gatherings throughout year on school holidays or weekends such as: Mud Run, Triangle Rock Club, Defy Gravity, etc. Time commitment:  a few hours on occasion as you plan and execute the events.

Family Social Activities/Party Committee:  Need 4 to 7 volunteers who can organize and execute various social activities throughout year for parents and families such as: back to school picnic (may need to make reservations in January for Aug picnic), grade level dinners, parent’s night out, mother/son night out, father/son activity, and more. Time commitment:  a few hours on occasion as you plan and execute the events.

Yearbook Coordinators: Opportunities for yearbook:
·         Organize page background and photo selection and layout using our TreeRing yearbook account (very easy to learn how to work with)
·         Work with students to collect quotes and information such as sports records throughout the year
·         Work with students to write descriptions of events
Need volunteers with talent in any of these areas.  Very helpful if someone is willing to oversee that each significant school event has a photographer and very brief description about it written soon afterward. This work can be often be done at home.  We are trying to build a Yearbook Club for the students but do not yet know of their interest.  But the students will need parent volunteers to shepherd the work.  Time commitment:  2 or 3 hours per month as needed.

Arts of the Swordsmen (student talent show but with Broadway quality production!):  Starting in January, we will need parents who have any of the following talents or know of someone with these talents who can work with our students to develop their artistic expression for Arts of the Swordsmen, which will be performed in late April or May.  Talents needed are singing, dancing, instruments, acting, percussion, costumes/wardrobe, drawing/painting (art displays), photography, etc.  Contact parent Travis Kiker at if you have any questions or can help.  And let him know if your son has any artistic talent to showcase! 

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