Parent Pledge

Iron Academy Parent Pledge
Voted on by the Parents in May 2015
As part of the Iron Academy Family, we pledge our utmost to help our son adhere to the Iron Academy Honor Code.
We will help our son “live pure” by setting appropriate boundaries, modeling healthy relationships, and being ever vigilant of worldly entrapments.
We will help our son “speak true” by striving to speak truthfully, in love, in all situations and being honest even when doing so incurs a personal cost.
We will help our son “right wrong” by modeling grace, mercy, and kindness while extending forgiveness, as well as pursuing just outcomes in our family and community.
We will help our son “follow the King” by worshiping and praying together, encouraging service to others, and holding him accountable to Biblical standards.
We will pray diligently for our young men to open their hearts to Jesus and for God’s protection over the mission of Iron Academy.  We will respectfully support Iron Academy and its teachers, staff and administrators by joyfully giving our time, talent and treasures.  We will always be mindful in our own lives to “live pure, speak true, right wrong and follow the King.”

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